The Ouimet Fund is is proud to honor the 2024 Ouimet Chairs of the Year, Derek Vachon and Patrick Dalton of Pocasset Golf Club!

“We were taking out more than we were putting in,” said Dalton. “That’s a trend that we wanted to reverse. We’re part of the 100 club and what we’re contributing is really supporting not only our kids, but many across the state.”

Derek and Patrick picked up the torch from Bill Kelleher as Ouimet Chairs in Pocasset, and continued what is a tremendous culture of giving and support at this Cape Cod gem.

“I view it as a club award,” said Vachon. “The advantage Pat and I have is we probably know a lot of people here at the club. Bill Kelleher will always be known as a champion of the Ouimet Fund here. He created a lot of momentum, a great foundation for support here, and it’s been really beneficial to Pat and I.”