Named Endowed Scholarships

Establish a lifelong legacy 


Named Endowed Scholarships are permanently restricted funds that are invested to ensure the existence of the scholarship in perpetuity. The program has become our cornerstone for growth and offers donors the ability to tailor their gift and the resulting named award to suit their own philanthropic goals.

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A unique quality of the Ouimet Fund Endowed Scholarship Program is that it permanently links the donor, honoree or sponsoring organization with golf, Francis Ouimet, youth and education. Every year, we are thrilled to communicate with the donors and/or honorees to let them know about the student(s) they are helping and what makes him or her a worthy recipient. We often hear of the satisfaction they feel knowing they’ve made an additional difference in the life of a young student. The recipients of the awards often send letters of gratitude to their benefactors letting them know the importance of their incredible support.

Endowed awards can be funded in a number of ways and over the course of up to five years. The common thread among the existing endowed awards is that the contributions come from individuals, families or special groups who wish to honor a deep commitment and connection to young people, education, the game of golf and Francis Ouimet.

2023-24 Brochure

Check out the Endowed Scholarship Program Brochure online. If you would like a paper brochure mailed to you, please reach out to Ouimet Staff!

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Who is a candidate to endow a scholarship?

Someone who has (or their family has) a deep affinity for golf, education, and young people and would like to be permanently associated with helping Ouimet Scholars.

How can a named endowed scholarship be funded?

In a number of ways, including cash donations, appreciated stock, donor-advised funds, family foundations, IRA transfers, Life Insurance, or fundraising events.

What is the price of a named endowed scholarship?

The minimum amount to fund a named endowed scholarship is $50,000, which can be set up on a schedule of one to five years if preferred.

Can I place preferences on my scholarship?

While, for tax reasons, you cannot select the specific recipient, you may place preferred priorities to help the Ouimet Fund’s scholarship department make the choices that mean the most to you, e.g., preferred colleges, service clubs, towns, or majors. Some donors leave it open-ended to allow it to be awarded to an outstanding Scholar with the most financial need.

What do I receive for my scholarship?

To maintain tax-deductibility, no value is received, however, the Ouimet Fund will notify the donors annually, with a short bio of their recipient(s) and their fund’s investment performance. You will also receive a commemorative framed plaque commemorating the established fund along with invitations to special donor/Scholar events. Most importantly, you will receive the satisfaction that comes with realizing your goal of helping young people attain their college dreams.

Current Awards

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Investing in Lifetimes Reception

The Ouimet Fund’s Investing in Lifetimes Reception is one of the most popular and important annual events on the calendar. Held each year at Wellesley Country Club, the Investing in Lifetimes Reception brings together donors who have created endowed scholarships to meet and interact with the Scholars who receive their award. Ouimet Scholars are always grateful to meet face to face with the donors who have personally funded their awards, and often lifelong friendships are created as Scholars stay in touch with donors long after they graduate from college.

Establish a Scholarship

If you have any questions about establishing a named Endowed Ouimet Scholarship, please contact Colin McGuire, Executive Director via email at colinm@ouimet.org or by phone at 774.430.9097