6,600 Strong Across the Country

Our Ouimet Alumni Community is more than 6,600 strong across the country, and the reason The Fund continues to grow is because of the increasing Alumni engagement. The Ouimet Fund is thankful to have so many generous Alumni giving back through financial contributions, and the Alumni Fund has grown more than 100% since 2013!

However, there are more ways to get involved besides contributions to the Alumni Fund, and our Alumni Committee continues to plan and host networking receptions across the Northeast. Please join the Alumni Portal to receive the latest news and updates to stay involved!

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Alumni Committee

Andrew Bartlett ’07

Andrew Hunt ’18

Brian Johnson ’16

Chris Rumul ’06

Christa Danilowicz ’06

Corey Peters ’15

Derek Gillis ’09

Emily Green ’07

Grant Kelly ’05

Alumni Committee Chair

Jake Massar ’08

John Ravis ’11

Kate Heffernan ’15

Mark Porter ’05

Matt Brazel ’19

Patrick Scannell ’75

Ryan Magner ’05

Sean Riordan ’12

Chris Nadeau ’16