At the third annual John Budd Flag Day Golf Classic on June 14, Tatnuck Country Club announced the creation of the Bill Helm & Marcia Bowles Endowed Scholarship, the club’s third named endowed scholarship through the Ouimet Fund.

The Tatnuck community, led by Ouimet Committee members Bob Spellane and Todd McDonald, surprised Marcia with the named endowed scholarship prior to the tournament.

“Bill was really passionate about Ouimet activities and donating,” said Bowles. “Nobody loved the game of golf like Bill and no one loved Tatnuck Country Club more than him, so this means a lot.”

Marcia’s late partner Bill Helm became a Lifetime Member of the Ouimet Fund in 2007 and Bowles herself became a Lifetime Member in 2022. Bill introduced her to the Ouimet Fund and they joined Tatnuck in 2000. She has continued to support The Fund in Bill’s honor by donating $5,000 annually through the John Budd Classic.

Tatnuck Country Club established the Amos Wasgatt Fund in 2006 and the John Budd Fund in 2021. Members of the Wasgatt family were on hand for the announcement.

Tatnuck Ouimet Scholar Ben Donahue also spoke at the event on the impact of the Ouimet Fund and the named endowed scholarship program.