Interviews for the 2022-2023 academic year are currently underway, and Michelle Edwards, The Fund’s Director of Scholarship & Donor Systems, is well-versed in this process. She’s been with The Fund for over 14 years and has seen how meaningful the interviews are for both the applicants and interviewers.

“Having worked in golf, the students have had years interacting with adults and their maturity is impressive.  The applicants see this opportunity as a potentially life-changing chance to make a great first impression on the generous supporters they meet at their interview,” Edwards said.  “It’s also a rewarding day for those volunteers to meet the students they will be supporting, face-to-face.”

The three-part highly competitive application process begins in June and examines Scholars’ academic achievements, potential leadership, school and community activities, interviews, essays, motivation, character, integrity, and numerous club recommendations. Since its inception in 1949, interviews have been a critical component in the Ouimet Fund’s application process. The impact of the interviews stems beyond a grading scale, as they offer a glimpse into each Scholars’ unique story.

This year The Fund received 172 applications, compared to 165 in 2021-22 and 144 the year prior. In addition to an increase in our number of applicants, our scholarships awarded have also grown. Last year $2,750,000 was awarded, compared to $2,525,000 the year before, and this fall The Fund aims to grant even more.

“It’s incredible we’re getting more applicants and that our awards keep growing,” Edwards said. “Our supporters are invested in our student’s college education, and we want to continue growing the support we can give them.”

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