Jennifer Misiaszek – Program Manager, City of Boston

Jennifer Misiaszek is a Program Manager for the Boston Parks and Recreation department. Jenn has worked for the city for eleven years, and has been the Ouimet Fund’s “go to” partner and contact through her oversight of the Boston Parks and Recreation Caddie Scholars Program – where each year, more than 100 young men and women work at either Franklin Park or George Wright golf courses.

Through working in this program, young people become eligible to apply for a Ouimet Scholarship (as one of the prerequisites is two years of golf employment at a Massachusetts golf course). The program was founded in 1996 and over the nearly 30 years, has experienced great success and growth due to the efforts of people like Jenn along the way. In that time, $2,510,000 in need based awards have gone to 181 young men and women who participated in the Caddie Scholars Program at Franklin Park and George Wright.

Jenn grew up in Boston and is a graduate of UMass Boston, where, as a standout athlete, she played both softball and basketball. Growing up as an athlete and now having two children, Brayden and Madison (both of whom participate in many sports), Jenn has been moved by having once been the person on the fields and courts, playing in tournaments organized by the City – and now she is the person organizing them.

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