Dr. Jacqueline Moloney – Chancellor Emerita, UMass Lowell

Dr. Jacqueline Moloney is a current Professor and Chancellor Emerita of UMass Lowell. Dr. Moloney had a long and accomplished career during her nearly forty years at the University, and served as the first female Chancellor from 2015-2022 after coming up through the ranks as a faculty member, administrator, Dean and Executive Vice Chancellor. Throughout her career, Dr. Moloney has been recognized as a national leader in innovation and entrepreneurship in higher education. As Chancellor, Dr. Moloney led the University through the successful completion of its “2020 Strategic Plan”, which she spearheaded in 2010 as Executive Vice Chancellor, resulting in UMass Lowell nearly doubling its enrollment to 18,000 students, transforming the student experience, revitalizing the campus infrastructure and quadrupling its scholarship endowment. Prior to coming to UMass Lowell, Dr. Moloney was a director of several non-profit agencies and programs in the Lowell area. Dr. Moloney currently serves as a member of the Graduate School of Education faculty, and as Senior Fellow and Advisor to the University’s Donahue Center for Ethics and Social Responsibility.

A tremendous supporter of the Ouimet Fund and its mission, Dr. Moloney and UMass Lowell have hosted on-campus Ouimet events in the past, and each year nearly 20 Ouimet Scholars proudly attend the University. She is also a proud proponent of Ouimet Scholars and the Ouimet program at her beloved Vesper Country Club.

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