Ouimet Alum Liam Conneely took the opportunity this past spring to sit on the other side of the table and interview the newest crop of Ouimet Scholarship hopefuls.

“Coming back into the golf house in Norton, it was the first time I’d been in there since my interview,” Liam said. “It really was bringing back all the memories of going through the process and the nervousness that hits, knowing that it’s such a big scholarship that you want to be a part of.”

Liam, a West Roxbury native and graduate of Stonehill College’s Class of 2023 earned his Ouimet Scholarship through George Wright Golf Course. There, he did everything from working on the grounds crew to helping in the cart barn to checking in golfers in the pro shop. When he saw the opportunity to help interview the next generation, he knew it was something he wanted to be involved in.

“The thing about interviewing these new applicants… it was awesome to see,” said Liam. “Now you’re going to see the new generation of people that are coming in and going to be at some point the same as you, Alumni of the Ouimet Scholarship. It’s a sense of family and teamwork. You want to make sure you’re bringing in good people that are going to continue to grow the Ouimet Fund and continue to help benefit the lives of future applicants.”

Recently, Liam began his new job as a Financial Analyst at Werfen, leveraging his internship experience and Business degree from Stonehill into full-time employment. Although he’s early in his career, Liam still has getting involved and giving back at the fore front of his mind.

“I just graduated, and I don’t have all the money in the world,” said Liam. “I’m still working and I’m not going to be someone right now who’s donating thousands of dollars, but I donate what I can and also still really wanted to give back. In the future hopefully I can give more to Ouimet, but for now I want to be involved and make sure the Ouimet Scholarship is going to continue to grow and will be better than it is today in 20 years. I’d love to be a part of that and continue that growth.”

Liam’s goal? To continue to give back and one day help make decisions on the direction and growth of The Fund.

“One day I’d love to be involved and be on the Board of Directors,” said Liam. “Obviously, we’re talking way down the line there, but it’d be great to do. It’s something I definitely want to be a part of.”

With Scholar interviews finalizing in May, thank you to Liam and all of the other terrific volunteers and friends of The Fund who helped in the process of finding the next generation of Ouimet Scholars. In total, 215 new applicants were interviewed across 19 locations. Of the 174 volunteers who participated in this year’s interviews, you could find industry professionals, Ouimet Alumni such as Liam, Lifetime Members, Endowed Creators and even Ouimet Staff.