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As a parent or guardian in the Ouimet Fund community, we hope your family has experienced this distinction’s financial and networking benefits. The Fund is excited to continue broadening the advantages of being part of the Ouimet Family, with growing career resource opportunities, networking events, and donation programs to strengthen the inherent ties between Ouimet Scholars, Alumni, donors, and their families.

As a supporter of the Parent & Family Giving program, you sustain and strengthen The Fund’s distinctive brand of providing need-based scholarship support for students who reflect academic excellence. We hope you will consider paying it forward for current and future families so they, too, can experience the full benefits of being part of the Ouimet community.

Pay It Forward For Current & Future Families

The Parent & Family Giving program raises immediate-use support for need-based scholarships, as well as building out the Ouimet Onward career resources program, assisting Scholars and Alumni to find employment. Every gift strengthens the impact the Ouimet Fund can have throughout the Scholar and Alumni community.

Donations of any amount will be recognized in our Annual Impact Report, and donating families will receive complimentary invitations to the inaugural Parent & Family Reception.

Support Parent & Family Giving

Clyde Street Council

Growing up on Clyde Street across from The Country Club, Francis Ouimet learned many life lessons he would take with him in his caddying and throughout his life.

Become a part of the Clyde Street Council, the Ouimet Fund’s Parent & Family Giving leadership society, with a minimum gift of $1,000. Clyde Street Council members are invited to special events throughout the year, including complimentary invitations to the Annual Banquet

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Along with the knowledge that you are supporting need-based scholarships for Ouimet Scholars each school year, members of the Clyde Street Council will receive:

  • Recognition on the Parents & Family page in the Ouimet Annual Report
  • Complimentary invitation to the Ouimet Parents & Family Reception
  • Two complimentary tickets to the Ouimet Annual Banquet

Family Information Form

The Family Information Form requests information The Fund needs to best serve the Ouimet parent and family community. Thank you for taking time to complete this form.

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