Ouimet Onward

As a Ouimet Scholar, you’ve already proven you’re more than willing to put in the work it takes to  succeed. That’s why we want to give you the opportunity to make connections that will take you  even further. 

Launched in 2019, the Ouimet Onward program aims to assist you with finding job and internship  opportunities and growing your respective professional networks. Through our Career Portal, Career  Fair, and Networking Events, we want to give you the tools to excel outside of the classroom. 

Explore our resources below and check back frequently as we’re continuously updating our events.

Career Portal

Did you know that as a Scholar, you have exclusive access to our Career Portal?  This career portal connects you with our corporate partners looking to specifically hire Ouimet  Scholars for everything from interns to full-time employees. Our partner companies send  specific job/internship opportunities we share directly with you. This career portal is available  year-round and is free of charge to Scholars and Alumni.

Career Portal Login

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Career Fair

Since 2020, the Career Fair has moved to be entirely virtual. We use a vendor called Brazen,  which comes with a significant cost, but allows Scholars and Partners to connect across the  country in a state-of-the-art platform. This career fair is a one-day event that is typically done in  the month of September.

Mentoring Day

This year we have decided to implement a virtual Mentoring Day for our scholars to have the opportunities to speak with Board members and Alumni who work in different industries and provide opportunities to speak with different professionals. This event will be a one-day event held on May 18th from 2-4 pm.

JPMorgan Chase Financial Literacy

We have partnered with JPMorgan Chase to hold virtual Financial Literacy. These courses will  take Scholars through different areas of Financial Literacy to provide resources to make  educated financial decisions. There will be four separate virtual courses throughout the year  with an in-person “capstone” event. Please check back for further information regarding dates  and times.


YouScience is an online platform that provides aptitude testing and career discovery to help you explore different professional pathways and better understand your natural aptitudes in the workplace. After taking the 11 exercises, you will receive detailed insights about your natural talents, aptitudes, and personalized career matching. With our partnership with YouScience, you can access your results for three years after you complete the initial testing.

Dale Carnegie

We partnered with Dale Carnegie to allow Ouimet Scholars to participate in live online  development courses. These virtual courses are instructor-led and cover four different topics  chosen specifically for Ouimet Onward. The four courses throughout the year cover topics that  will help young professionals get a jump start on their career development.  

Communicate with Different Personality Styles- April 18th 

Many behavioral psychologists have researched the theory that people’s behavior can be  roughly classified in four groups. No one is purely any style, and no style is better or worse than  another. Each tendency has strengths and weaknesses. By recognizing our dominant style and  developing the ability to identify traits in others, we can change our behaviors to interact with a  wide variety of personalities.  

This workshop helps people understand the four dominant personality styles: Driver, Expressor,  Amiable, and Analytical. Knowing your style is an important element to help you reach across  barriers and connect with others. You need to identify your own strengths and weaknesses to take control of your actions and feelings. Then you can focus on understanding others and use  effective approaches to build collaboration.  

Completion of this module will empower participants to:  

  • Identify your own personality style and how you react under pressure  
  • Modify your behaviors to be able to connect with people of different styles  Influence the attitudes and behaviors of others  

Primary Competencies: Communication, Conflict Resolution, External Awareness Related  Competencies: Adaptability, Influence, Interpersonal Skills

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