City Program Expansion

For 27 years, George Wright Golf Course and William J. Devine Golf Course at Franklin Park have partnered with The Fund to provide young men and women from Boston the opportunity to work in golf and apply for Ouimet Scholarships. In that time, $2,203,175 in need-based Ouimet Scholarships have been awarded to 165 recipients. 

Since 1996, The Fund has partnered with the City of Boston and its golf courses to provide underserved communities and minorities the unique chance to earn a scholarship through service to golf by participation in this program. Young men and women work five days a week getting hands-on experience maintaining these local golf courses. For 27 years, 165 Scholars from William J. Devine Golf Course at Franklin Park and George Wright Golf Course have benefited from this program and received $2,203,175 in Ouimet Scholarships.

With the increased in popularity in golf this has created higher demand for this program. This year, 110 participants worked between Franklin Park or George Wright laying sod, filling divots, forecaddying for daily play, assisting The First Tee program, and engaging with peers and mentor supervisors. Every year The Ouimet Fund’s Director of Scholarships, Michelle Edwards, attends the orientation at Franklin Park and George Wright and in June talked to students and parents about the Ouimet Scholarship opportunity. Over the last seven years, the number of Ouimet Scholars from the two sites has increased threefold, up to 31 Scholars this year. The Fund is proud of our growth and eager to partner with local organizations and courses to allow more students the opportunity to participate in the program and experience the benefits and personal growth from the game of golf.

I would truly like to thank Green Hill Golf Course for the amazing opportunities that they brought into my life, as I can truly say I wouldn't be where I am today without the support of Green Hill and the Ouimet Fund. Working in golf has taught me a plethora of life skills that has helped me mature and thrive in life. I am very thankful to be a Ouimet Scholar and hope that someday I can give back as a sign of my gratitude.

Jahvon, Johnson and Wales University, 2023Green Hill Municipal Golf Course

Working at George Wright, not only gave me lifelong friends, but I learned so much about leadership. I have learned how to handle difficult situations, how to distinguish between friendship and authority and how to be a leader. I can honestly say without working at George Wright, I would not be the woman I am today. I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity to work at George Wright and become a Ouimet Scholar.

Victoria, Worcester State University, 2022George Wright Golf Course

Much gratitude and appreciation to all the staff and members of Worcester Country Club for their continued support of the Ouimet Scholarship Fund. Without this opportunity I would not have gained the skills and work ethic that now allow me to call myself a Ouimet Scholar. This support has helped me in becoming a better student, not having to worry about academic expenses and having a large network that believes in me. Thank you!

Kevin, Bridgewater State University, 2020Worcester Country Club

I would like to thank the George Wright Golf Course for the chance to apply for the Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund, an experience that has granted me opportunities beyond belief. I have been able to pursue my academic, athletic, and professional dreams to the fullest. Thank you so much!

Isabella, Columbia University, 2022George Wright Golf Course

I have never felt as grateful as I do in receiving a Ouimet Scholarship. This scholarship has relieved my mother and me of the financial burden of college and I could stop wondering how a paycheck to paycheck mother of three could support me going to college. The Ouimet Fund was our saving grace. A debt I can never quite repay, but I will try my best to make those of you proud who believed in me furthering my education.

Kenneth, UMass Amherst, 2022Worcester Country Club

Without Green Hill Golf Course, I would have never been able to apply for a Ouimet Scholarship, which has helped me out tremendously with my first year in college. I am so grateful for the opportunity through the caddie program. Thank you!

Maiah, Loyola University Maryland, 2023Green Hill Municipal Golf Course

I cannot express how grateful I am for you all to give me the opportunity to apply to the Ouimet Fund. The assistance from the Ouimet Fund has helped my family and me afford going to Bryant University, where I have been working towards my degree. Without the help of the Ouimet Fund, I can confidently say I wouldn't be the person I am today. Thank you so much for all the opportunities!

Seamus, Bryant University, 2021Worcester Country Club