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As many of the following positions are posted by Ouimet Alumni, to standout please add the information below to your resume! 


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We are proud to call you a Ouimet Alumnus and we hope you are too!  Thousands of others before you share the same honor and promote this distinction in their professional lives.  For some, just the mention of being a Ouimet Scholar has opened doors and even been “the difference maker” in this competitive job market!  Below we’ve included some template language we encourage you to copy and paste to share on your LinkedIn profile/resume.

We have also included some sample language which we highly recommend you add to your resume, your LinkedIn profile, or both. Feel free to use as much or as little as you want and edit to match your years of experience with the Ouimet Fund. We hope you find it useful as you enter the job market!


Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund – Norton, MA               September 2016 – May 2020

Ouimet Scholar

  • Through working at (GOLF CLUB NAME), I met the requirements and applied to be a Ouimet Scholar. To earn this distinguished honor, I went through a rigorous application and interview process including references from supervisors and club members who utilized my services during my time at the club.
  • The Ouimet Fund defines a Scholar as someone with strong academic achievement, potential leadership and community involvement along with golf service demonstrating qualities of motivation, character and integrity.


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