The Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund has announced that the Lynch Foundation has approved a Ouimet request for a $200,000 grant to create the Peter S. Lynch Scholarship, which will be used to fund endowed scholarships for inner-city Ouimet Scholars, primarily from Boston.

Mr. Lynch is a Ouimet Scholarship Alumnus (Boston College ’65) and Trustee who performed his golf service as a caddie at Brae Burn Country Club.  He has always been a very loyal Ouimet Alumnus, and spoke often of how valuable caddying and the Ouimet Scholarship was to him.  Mr. Lynch was the principal speaker at the Ouimet Annual Banquet in 1995 and was presented with the Richard F. Connolly, Jr. Distinguished Service Award at the 2010 Banquet.  He was also the special guest speaker at the Ouimet Endowed Scholarship Reception last June and charmed the record audience with stories of his caddie days.

“This is a very special endowed award for us.  Peter has a renowned commitment to helping in the inner city, and his passion matches our goals.  This permanent award will be a great addition to the 17 endowed awards we already have in place for inner-city students.  We have awarded over $1.2 Million to 120 students from the City of Boston’s Summer Golf Management Program since 1998, and this gift ensures we will be able to help them even more in the future,” said Greg Gailius, Ouimet Fund President.



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