At the Ouimet Fund’s Annual Meeting at Marshfield CC in October, the Alumni Committee awarded its 2017 Denny Goodrich Ouimet Honorary Alumnus Award to longtime Longmeadow CC Caddie Master Paul Quinn.

Mr. Quinn has worked at Longmeadow for the past 52 years and been Caddie Master since 1972. He and his wife Jean also have a son, Brian, who was a Ouimet Scholar, played the Ouimet Marathon for Longmeadow for several years and was involved in numerous Ouimet activities.

Longmeadow Country Club has long been considered one of the strongest clubs in the state in terms of Ouimet support. Its Caddie program is regarded as the best in Western Massachusetts. Mr. Quinn has recruited and trained caddies for 45 years, and many have gone on to become Ouimet Scholars. He annually helps coordinate fundraising for Longmeadow’s Ouimet Marathon participation. He has also participated/helped coordinate Ouimet Scholarship applicant interviews at Longmeadow annually.  This year he organized a very special caddie reunion dinner that featured many special talks. The highlight was one by Dr. Arthur Logan, a Ouimet Scholar from the original 1949 “Class of 13.” Proceeds of that event benefitted the Ouimet Fund.

“The Caddie Master is often a critical link in Ouimet support at many clubs. Paul Quinn is so dedicated in what he does to make Longmeadow’s program outstanding. He epitomizes a great caddie master and has done so much to keep that tremendous tradition alive at Longmeadow. We are delighted to honor, recognize, and thank him for all he has done,” said Ouimet Fund President Greg Gailius.

The “Honorary Alumnus” designation seeks to acknowledge that there are many people who have been important to the Ouimet Fund and/or the game that either did not need assistance or did not apply for assistance when they went to college.  The “service to golf” or great involvement with the game could be as a volunteer, as their career, or possibly as a competitor. The candidate must have been generous in their support of the Ouimet Fund, either by contributing financially or by volunteer or exceptional professional service.

The Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund renamed its “Honorary Alumnus Award” after Denny Goodrich when he retired from the Ouimet Fund’s Board of Directors in 2009 after 37 years of service. Mr. Goodrich, of Dedham Country and Polo Club, was the inaugural recipient of the award in 2003.



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