Sadly, The Fund lost some close friends and supporters in 2017. Three who were particularly close to The Fund in different ways were Dick Foley, Tom Martin and Bill Paxton.

Richard “Dick” Foley was a long-time MGA Official and greatly known as Associate Chairman of the Francis Ouimet Memorial Tournament from 1980-2011. He was still involved as recently as July.

Mr. Foley was very close to Ouimet Director and Trustee Richard F. “Dick” Connolly and his family. With the Ouimet Tournament he worked alongside Mr. Connolly, who has been Ouimet Memorial Chair since 1979. Mr. Foley was recognized for his many years of service with the Denny Goodrich Honorary Ouimet Alumnus Award in 2004.  Dick was 92 years old and had been a World War II veteran who served in the US Navy on a “Tin Can” Destroyer, the Clarence J. Bronson DD 668, which rescued President George H. W. Bush when his plane was shot down in the Pacific. Mr. Foley was a member of Long Meadow Golf Club and a single-digit player for 60 years. He had been with the New England Telephone Company for many years and renowned for his expertise with its newer systems.

Thomas J. “Tom” Martin had been a Ouimet Director since 1999. His Ouimet Fund involvement started in 1993 when he offered to have his company, Cramer, make/contribute a caddie instructional video. Since 1997, Cramer has also been the Ouimet Fund’s partner in producing our Annual Banquet videos and overall presentation. He and Cramer had also helped in many other special video projects, as well as upgrading our website and much more over the years.

Tom was a very fine player, and won the inaugural Eddie Lowery Seniors Division of the Francis Ouimet Memorial Tournament in 1999. In 2007, he and fellow Ouimet Director Jim Logue chaired the Ouimet Fund’s “Spirit of Golf” event which honored and created an endowed scholarship in the name of Boston College Hockey Coach Jerry York. Tom and his wife, June, created the Martin Family Scholarship in 2014. He was honored with The Fund’s Richard F. Connolly Distinguished Service Award for his numerous and longstanding contributions in 2007. His son, Thomas (T.J.) Martin, Jr. is a Ouimet Director.

The Fund also fondly remembered the late Bill Paxton. The very popular actor served as the director of the 2005 Disney movie, The Greatest Game Ever Played. He was also one of the special guests/speakers at The Fund’s 2013 Centennial Banquet.





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