The Ouimet Fund is blessed to have great friends and supporters.  Sadly, many of them passed on in 2014.  Nine who were particularly close to The Fund in different ways were Jack Casey, Dick Ganong, Lois Gaquin, John Hines, Dan Hurley, Bob Jordan, Peter Maich, Honorable Thomas M. Menino and John Sears.

Jack Casey established the New England Senior Golfers Association Scholarship in 1998 and oversaw it for many years.  It was renamed in his honor in 2012.

Dick Ganong was a Ouimet Alumnus, an 18 year Board Member and Alumni Chair for 10 years.  An endowed scholarship was established in his name in 2003.

Lois Gaquin, and her husband Jim were long-time golf administrators. They managed the Cape Cod Open which benefitted the Ouimet’s Guy Tedesco Scholarship.  She and Jim were honored with the Denny Goodrich Honorary Alumnus Award in 2008.

John Hines was a Boston native who managed several of the Jack Nicklaus enterprises for nearly 30 years.  He and his late wife, Ellen, were very friendly with Jack and Barbara Nicklaus, and John was greatly responsible for the appearance of Jack and Barbara at the 2007 Ouimet Banquet.  Proceeds of that event established the Ouimet Fund’s Ellen Hines Endowed Scholarship.

Dan Hurley had been a President of the Massachusetts Golf Association.  He was also a highly-esteemed golf official who volunteered with the Ouimet Memorial Tournament and served as its final round first tee announcer for many years.  Dan also annually served as a head interviewer for Ouimet Scholarship applicants.

Bob Jordan established an endowed scholarship, the Mix-Jordan Award, in his name and that of his late partner Bob Mix, a long-time Ouimet Board member.  Mr. Jordan also created a major bequest benefiting The Fund.

Peter Maich was a 19 year Ouimet Board Member who served on several committees, including being the Ouimet Banquet Chair from the Arnold Palmer event in 1997.  He has been honored with the Richard F. Connolly, Jr. Distinguished Service Award, the Denny Goodrich Honorary Alumnus Award and has now been named Banquet Chair in Memoriam.  Mr. Maich also created an endowed scholarship in the name of his late father, Billy Maich.

Mayor Thomas M. Menino was largely responsible for the City of Boston’s Summer Jobs Program that created jobs at the William Devine Franklin Park and George Wright Golf Courses. The program has made over 90 students eligible for nearly $1 Million in Ouimet scholarships since 1998.  Mayor Menino was very proud of the Program, served as Ouimet Banquet Honorary Chair for many years, and spoke twice at the Ouimet Banquet, in addition to other contributions.

John Sears was a great Ouimet supporter through the annual Anders Day at The Country Club which funded the Ouimet’s Anders Endowed Scholarship. An additional Newell-Pyle-Sears Award was created partly in his honor in 2013.  Mr. Sears was Commissioner of the MDC in the 1970s and helped create a very favorable lease which allowed the Ouimet Fund to build its first Golf House office and Museum on the grounds of the Leo J. Martin Golf Course in Weston. The building was home to the Ouimet Fund and other golf organizations for 27 years.


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