The Ouimet Fund recently received a bequest from the estate of the late Bob Jordan which is the largest single gift in The Fund’s history. The bequest will complete the funding of an endowed scholarship in the names of Mr. Jordan (left) and his late partner, Bob Mix (right).

“This is a special moment for us. The Ouimet Fund has been trying to build up our bequest program and Mr. Jordan’s wishes will provide funds for us to help kids and cover special needs for many years. It also allows the names of Bob Mix and Bob Jordan to be permanently associated with us through an endowed scholarship. The bequest is a wonderful instrument for Ouimet supporters to consider in their estate plans,” said Ouimet President Greg Gailius.

Bob Jordan died in 2014 and Mr. Mix died in 2011. Both had been golf professionals and Mr. Mix had been a long-time Ouimet Board member who served with great distinction as Ouimet’s Club Relations Chair and the Ouimet Chair at Oyster Harbors.



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