James McDonough Four Ball Invitational Tournament

Monday, June 10th at Wollaston Golf Club

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James P. B. McDonough, age 24, died February 26 in Charleston, South Carolina.  Born in Boston and raised in Milton, he was the son of Dr. James and Margaret (Peggy) Sage McDonough.

The James McDonough Four Ball Invitational Tournament is dedicated to bringing together those who share James’s joy and passion for the game of golf.  In the gathering, playing, and participating, family, friends, elite golfers and Wollaston Golf Club members will celebrate James’s life at his cherished home course, Wollaston.  Net proceeds are used to fund The James McDonough Scholarship at St. Sebastian’s School and the endowed Ouimet Scholarship both of which are awarded to students who demonstrate a commitment to and love for the game of golf, or who like James, exhibit kindness, sensitivity, good cheer and enduring passion.



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