The Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund recapped a year of growth at its Annual Meeting & Golf Outing on Monday, October 19 at Tedesco Country Club in Marblehead.  Many enjoyed a nice round of fall golf early in the day, followed by a cocktail reception and Annual Meeting/dinner.

The Fund honored and thanked eight retiring Directors for their service: Megan Bearce (WGAM), Clarence Bennett (MGA), Dr. Jerry Green (MGA), Larry Kelley (NEPGA), Lee Kennedy, James Murphy and Kathie Stevens.

New Directors were also welcomed to the Ouimet Board of Directors: Ryan Connolly, William Kelleher and Joseph Nolan.


2016 Ouimet Chair of the Year Award

The Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund awarded its 2015 Ouimet Chair of the Year Award to Bill Kelleher of Pocasset Golf Club.  Mr. Kelleher was recognized for his efforts in front of those in attendance at The Fund’s Annual Meeting.  Bill, the recently retired founder of Kelleher & Sadowsky Associates, has been the Ouimet Chair at Pocasset Golf Club since 2009. He has brought many stakeholders together in his career in the commercial real estate world and he continues to do the same on behalf of the Ouimet Fund. He has also served in the past as Ouimet Chair at his other club, Tatnuck Country Club, and, candidly, is a champion for The Fund’s mission wherever he can across the state.

Since joining as a Ouimet Society Lifetime Member in 2006, Bill has been a tireless annual volunteer. Pocasset Golf Club, one of The Fund’s strong Bag Tag clubs, boasts a fantastic
participation rate partly in thanks to Bill’s growing enthusiasm and the support he has received from the Golf Committee. For the past three years, Bill has also recruited a Pocasset golf employee to participate in the Ouimet Golf Marathon each August, engaging members and friends to raise additional funds for Ouimet Scholarships.  Members at Pocasset, and others who saw it, also can appreciate the fantastic video message (see screenshot below) that Bill produced in 2015 with the audio/visual help of his friend Tom Pagano. It highlighted the many ways that the clubs support The Fund and in turn the hundreds of annual Ouimet Scholars. The Fund is so fortunate that he fills his calendar for the cause – penning the spring Bag Tag letter, volunteering his time to interview Scholarship applicants, organizing groups to play in Ouimet outings or recruiting new Lifetime members. At the end of the day, core to the cause are the young people and anyone who sees Bill on a golf course will always note how he engages the workers about their college plans and Ouimet applications. There are many examples, but Bill Kelleher is the epitome of a Ouimet Chair and he has certainly earned this special honor.
“We are so proud to recognize Bill for his tremendous work, not only in 2015, but for the past decade that he has dedicated to The Fund’s programs. I know I particularly can point to the dozens of Ouimet Scholars and Alumni who were encouraged by him as a direct product of his efforts to better the lives of the kids in our community,” Ouimet Fund President Greg Gailius,

About the Award

Ouimet Chairs serve in a multitude of capacities at the approximately 100 Massachusetts clubs that actively support the Ouimet Fund. Ouimet Chairs coordinate the sale of The Fund’s most critical and recognizable revenue source, the Bag Tag at their club. They may also lend a hand in the development of caddie programs, recruit young workers to apply for the Scholarship, participate in the interview process and arrange for their club to play host to a day of Scholar interviews.  They also get involved in a numer of fundraising roles, including recruiting new Lifetime Members into the Ouimet Society, making prospects aware of the Ouimet brand availing them to the many giving opportunities existant as well as arranging
for their club to take part in the Golf Marathon and Annual Banquet.


2016 Denny Goodrich Honorary Alumnus Award

Terry Carleton has most graciously provided meeting space at Bentley University and refreshments for the Ouimet Fund’s Dale Carnegie program for the past ten years. He has also been a regular attendee at numerous Ouimet events and supported the Ouimet Fund in other ways over the years. He is a strong support of the Charles River caddie program, regarded as a fertile breeding ground for future Ouimet Scholars.

“The contribution of space at Bentley for our Dale Carnegie program for Ouimet Scholars has been a huge benefit. We are so grateful to have had this the past ten years and this award celebrates those ten years. The Bentley space combines with John MacKinnon of Dale Carnegie and Performance Management Associates contribution of his teaching staff and programming to make something that has helped 275 Ouimet Scholars over the years. This is another great opportunity Ouimet offers its Scholars and we couldn’t do it without Terry and John’s help. We’d honored John with this award in 2006 and now it completes the honoring of this great team,” Greg Gailius, Ouimet Fund President said.

About the Award

The Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund renamed its “Honorary Alumnus Award” after Denny Goodrich when he retired from the Ouimet Fund’s Board of Directors in 2009 after 37 years of
service. Mr. Goodrich, of Dedham Country and Polo Club, was the inaugural recipient of the award in 2003 and also the Ouimet Fund’s Richard F. Connolly, Jr. Distinguished Service Award’s awardee in its debut year of 2000. For 13 years, he served as the Vice Chair of the Ouimet Fund’s Annual Banquets. He was Ouimet President from 1990-1992.

“Denny is the epitome of a Ouimet Alum, and this is a very small way to always remember all he has done for the Fund. His contributions have been immense,” then-Ouimet Fund President Richard J. Barrett said when the award was re-named in his honor in 2009.






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