To help reestablish a summer caddie program at the Green Hill Municipal Golf Club in Worcester, MA, the Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund was awarded a two-year grant totaling $20,000 from the Ruth H. & Warren A. Ellsworth Foundation. This grant, along with gifts received from the Bruyette Family and Stoddard Foundations, will help to reestablish a summer jobs program for inner-city youth from Worcester, MA to caddie at Green Hill Municipal Golf Course. Teens completing a least two-years of caddying have the potential to qualify for and receive a Ouimet Scholarship to attend a college of their choosing.

Ouimet Scholar and 2013 Centennial Gala speaker Julia McCarthy was a product of the original Green Hill caddie program which was funded through a Federal “No child left behind grant” that expired in 2011. The Ouimet Fund is partnering with Worcester’s YouthConnect organizations to provide qualified teens with summer jobs through caddying and continues to seek additional financial donations to help restore this innovative and rewarding program.

Green Hill’s golf professional, Matthew Moison, PGA, was hired by the City of Worcester in 1997. Like his two predecessors, Moison continues the tradition of growing the game of golf at Green Hill and is excited for what the future brings in Worcester. “We are not just bringing caddies back to Green Hill. We are bringing back one of the healthiest learning and teaching experiences: the caddie-golfer relationship,” Moison says.






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