The National Children’s Research Center in Dublin, Ireland honored Ouimet Alum and Former President Dick Connolly ’61 on Friday, May 9 for his philanthropic efforts.

The microscopy center at Our Lady Children’s Hospital (Crumlin) was officially dedicated as the “Richard Connolly Microscopy Center” in honor of Mr. Connolly’s charitable dedication. A philanthropic champion for the Ouimet Fund, as well, he has hosted the Annual Children’s Medical & Research Foundation, Inc. Golf Tournament in Massachusetts since its beginning in 1982.

“Over the past 30 years, Dick Connolly has raised over $4 Million for the Center, which has significantly enabled the vital work at the National Children’s Research Center,” said Joe Quinsey, Chief Executive Officer of the Children’s Medical & Research Foundation. “We cannot thank Dick enough for his incredible support, dedication and loyalty to the cause of sick children, and we wanted his efforts to be recognized in a tangible, sustainable way.”

This year’s award ceremony was the first time the National Children’s Research Center has specifically honored the outstanding contribution by international supporters who have championed the cause of sick children in Ireland in both the U.S. and the U.K.

“Dick Connolly is a truly rare individual who lives the motto of giving back – be it to the Children’s Hospital in Dublin, the Ouimet Fund, The College of the Holy Cross, or the many other charities he helps,” said Terry Kennedy, President of the Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund. “We are proud that he is a Ouimet alum and always grateful for his wonderful support.”

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