Ouimet Memorial Tournament

49th Annual Francis Ouimet Memorial Tournament

July 27 – July 29, 2016

Hyannisport Club, Oyster Harbors Club, Woodland Golf Club12472499_10154318354749043_6242371443427134112_n






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The Francis Ouimet Memorial Tournament was founded in 1968, one year after the death of Mr. Ouimet.  The event was originally founded by a group of people at Woodland Golf Club, where Francis Ouimet was a member and played much of his golf.

The first tournament began with quite a splash.  The tournament selection committee for the prestigious invitational included many local and nationally prominent players.  A special highlight at that first tournament was an exhibition at Woodland on Thursday featuring previous Honorary Chairman Gene Sarazen, U.S. Amateur champion Ted Bishop, Pennsylvania’s Bill Hyndman, and host pro Ancy Doyle.  Eddie Lowery also used to attend the first few tournaments, coming from Pebble Beach, California.  Lowery always viewed this as a special homecoming, who had gained fame as Mr. Ouimet’s caddie in 1913. Lowery also was the caddiemaster at Woodland later on.

At the beginning the tournament was played at Woodland, Brae Burn and Charles River and occasionally at The Country Club.  For the last 30 years the first 36 holes have been played on successive days on two different fine courses in Massachusetts, but the final round, after the cut to the low and ties, is always at Woodland.

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Richard F. Connolly, Sr. Trophy

Richard F. Connolly, Jr., has been the tournament chairman since 1979.  Mr. Connolly also donated the permanent trophy for the tournament in 1990, which was

named after his late father, Richard F. Connolly, Sr.  The trophy is one of the most unique in American sports.  The trophy is built around the clubs which were used by Francis Ouimet, Harry Vardon and Ted Ray and were contributed to The Fund by Dr. Gary Wiren, a famed golf historian.    A new silver golf ball is hung every year from the shaft of one of the clubs.  The ball is inscribed with the winner’s name and year and a replica is given to the winner.



1968 Ben Murphy 1991 William Jenks
1969 Ed Tutwiler 1992 Jack Kearney
1970 Ken Kotowski* 1993 John Salamone
1971 Bob Kouwe 1994 Brendan Hester*
1972 Bill Mallon 1995 R.D. Haskell, Jr.
1973 Jerry Courville, Sr. 1996 Matthew Doyle
1974 Walter Brown, Jr. 1997 Joe Keller
1975 Paul Murphy* 1998 Frank Vana, Jr.
1976 Bruce Douglass 1999 Jim Salinetti
1977 Fred Kask 2000 Kevin Carey
1978 Peter Teravainen 2001 Frank Vana, Jr.
1979 Edward Barry, Jr. 2002 Frank Vana, Jr.
1980 Brad Faxon 2003 Jim Renner
1981 John Hadges 2004 John Gilmartin
1982 Jack Calf 2005 Jim Renner
1983 John Fasick 2006 Frank Vana, Jr.
1984 Daniel J. Neary* 2007 Darren Bolton
1985 Robert Bradley 2008 Jay Driscoll
1986 Jason Cook* 2009 Matt Parziale
1987 Francis Quinn, Jr. 2010 Frank Vana, Jr.
1988 Robert Bradley 2011 John Gilmartin
1989 Peter O’Brien 2012 Jack Whelan

1990           George Popp            2013          Matt Parziale

                                                    2014          Jack Whelan

                                                    2015          Peter French

 Lowery Division Champions
1999 Tom Martin 2006 Douglas Crawford
2000 Bill Foley, Sr.* 2007 Jack Weeks
2001 Jim Sullivan 2008 Carter Fasick
2002 Jim Holbrook 2009 Carter Fasick
2003 Ed Fletcher 2010 Jack Kearney
2004 Jim Holbrook 2011 Mike Cole
2005 Jim Ruschioni 2012 Richard King

                                                   2013          Richard King

                                                   2014          Kevin Carey

                                                   2015          Kevin Carey

Women’s Division Champions
2004 Alison Walshe 2009 Wallace Hamerton
2005 Alison Walshe 2010 Nicole Scola
2006 Alison Walshe 2011 Megan Khang
2007 Susan Choi 2012 Megan Khang
2008 Brittany Weddell

                                                 2014          Julia Ford

                                                 2015          Pam Kuong

*Designates Ouimet Scholarship Alumnus

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